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{Lover} Happy Friendship Day Quotes, Wishes, Messages for Girlfriend Boyfriend in English

{Lover} Happy Friendship Day Quotes, Wishes, Messages For Girlfriend [Gf]| Boyfriend [Bf] Friendship Is A Relation, Which Is Purely Based On Love, Care As Well As Trust. It Is A Godly Relationship Between Two Or More Persons. It Involves Proper Understandings Between The Two Individuals Having Loyalty Between Them And No Greediness Or Sunniness Is Between Them. Like Every Other Festival, People Take To Facebook And Other Social Media Platforms To Mark This Day.  Cover Photos Are Updated With Special Friendship Day Wishes For Gf And Happy Friendship Day 2017 Messages For Bf Are Also Updated Where Youngsters Tag Their Friends.  However, It Will Be Wrong To Say That Only The Teenagers And College Goers Celebrate This Day, As People Of Almost All Of Ages Who Have Friends, And Cherish The Relationship Of Friendship, Make Sure To Wish Their Friends Wherever They Are.

Friendship Day Quotes For Girlfriend- For A True Relation They Should Support Each Other And Never Show Their Vanity And Power To The Other Person. True Friends Should Have The Sense Of Equity Among Them And Should Be Aware Of When The Other Person Needs Their Care As Well As Support. To Maintain A Friendship Lifelong There Should Be Dedication And Trust Between Both The Individuals. Due To Loads Of Demand And Lack Of Satisfaction The Greedy People Fail To Make Their Friendship Last Long. Many People Make Friends Only To Fulfil Their Interests And Demands. It Is As Hard As To Search A Diamond In The Coalmine As It Is To Find A True Friend In This Cruel World. If You Have A Best Friend In Your Life, Then Always Cherish Him/Her Because He Owes The True Love Of God For You. Here We Are Going To Provide You Amazing Friendship Day Quotes For Girlfriend And Friendship Day Wishes For Boyfriend In English.


Happy Friendship Day Quotes, Wishes, Messages for Girlfriend Boyfriend in English

Jӓb Sê Ӓӓpko Jӓnӓ Hӓi,
Jӓb Sê Ӓӓp Sӓ Dost Pӓyӓ Hӓi,
Hӓr Duӓ ɱê Ӓӓp Kӓ Nӓӓɱ Ӓӓyӓ Hӓi,
Dil Kӓrӓtӓ Hӓi Punchu Us Rӓb Sê Kê,
Kyӓ Itnӓ Pyӓrӓ Dost
Sirf ɱêrê Liyê Bӓnӓyӓ Hӓi?

Friêndship Is Vӓst Likê Univêrsê,Dêêp Likê Ocêӓn,High Likê Sky,Strong Likê Iron,Kind Likê ɱothêr,Cutê Likê ɱê,Ӓnd Sшêêt Likê U!

School Ki Dosti 12Th Clӓss Tӓk
Univêrsty Ki Dosti Finӓl Yêӓr Tӓk
Officê Ki Dosti Rêtirêɱênt Tӓk
Lovêr Kê Dosti Shӓdi Tӓk
Hӓɱӓri Dosti Ӓӓp Sê 30-Fêb Tӓk
Kyun Kê..Nӓ Kӓbhi 30 Fêb Ӓyêgi
Ӓur Nӓ Huɱӓri Dosti Kӓ Ênd Hogӓ

If You Opên ɱy Hêӓrt, Guêss Шhӓt U R Gonnӓ Sêê? Its U. Truê Friênds Ӓrê Hӓrd To Find So I Kêpt U.

Hoш Long Shӓll V B Friênds? Do U Шӓnt Ӓ Cluê? Ӓs Long Ӓs Stӓrs Tшinklê In Thê Sky, Till Thê Шӓtêr Runs Dry & Till Thê Dӓy I Diê. Шê Шill B Friênds.

Tiɱê & Distӓncê Ӓrê Iɱportӓnt Bêtшêên Friênds. Шhên Ӓ Friênd Is In Ur Hêӓrt, Thêy Rêɱӓin Thêrê Forêvêr. I ɱӓy Bê Busy, But I Ӓssurê U, U Ӓrê Ӓlшӓys In ɱy Hêӓrt!

I Шont Proɱisê To Bê Ur Friênd Forêvêr, Coz I Шont Livê Thӓt Long. But Lêt ɱê Bê Ur Friênd Ӓs Long Ӓs I Livê.

Happy Friendship Day Messages For Boyfriend [Bf]

Friendship Day Messages For Boyfriend- Friendship Day Does Not Have Any Historical Background And Has Been Introduced By The Greeting Card Industry.  Nevertheless, The Day Is Celebrated With Lot Of Enthusiasm, Especially, Among The Youngsters.  Apart From Exchanging Greeting Cards And Gifts, It Is Customary To Tie A Friendship Band On The Wrist Of One’S Friend.  New Friends Are Also Made By Tying This Band And Making Promises That Their Relationship Is Everlasting. Here Are Some Friendships Day Wishes For Boyfriend That You Can Send Your Bf Who Are Far Away From You.

I Ӓdɱit Ill Nêvêr Bê Thê Pêrfêct Friênd. Ill Nêvêr Bê Thêrê Ӓlшӓys. I ɱӓy Not ɱӓkê U Sɱilê Ӓt Tiɱês But Thêrê Is Onê Thing I Ӓdɱit I Could Do. To Bê Thê Pêrson I Could Bê For U.

1 Trêê Cӓn Stӓrt Ӓ Forêst, Onê Sɱilê Cӓn Stӓrt Ӓ Friêndship. 1 Touch Cӓn Shoш U Cӓrê, Onê Friênd Cӓn ɱӓkê Lifê Шorth Living 4.

I Bêliêvê In Ӓngêls, Thê Kind Thӓt Hêӓvên Sênds. Iɱ Surroundêd By Ӓngêls But I Cӓll Thêɱ ɱy Bêst Friênds.

Шê Gӓin & Losê Things Êvêry Dӓy. But Trust ɱê On 1 Thing: U Шill Nêvêr Losê ɱê! I Шill Ӓlшӓys B Thêrê Ӓs Ӓ Friênd!

Ӓ Friênd Is Nêvêr Ӓ Coincidêncê In Ur Lifê, Thêy R ɱêӓnt To Êntêr Ur Lifê To Bring U Joy & Lӓughtêr. So, I Шill Trêӓsurê Thê Friêndship Bêtшêên Us.

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Best Whatsapp Status Quotes Collection 2017

Whatsapp Status Quotes : Presently a Days Whatsapp Status is Very Hot Topic to Social Media. We as a whole Know that Whatsapp is Second Most Used Social Media Application after Facebook. A huge number of People Send Billions of Messages and Chats Every single Day. Whatsapp has Changed the Communication World. We realize that Whatsapp has Many Great Features Like we can Set our Profile Picture that Everyone can see. We can do Call through Whatsapp Messanger all we need is a Good Internet Connection. The Most Important and Cool Feature is Whatsapp Status

Whatsapp Status is these days Become a Trend in Youth. As we realize that Our Status can Defend Our Personality. Along these lines, People are Looking for Whatsapp Status that Suits their Personality. Whatsapp Status can Make a Special Impact on Others Mind. A Simple Whatsapp Status can state Thousands of Words. In this way, in the wake of Seeing that We have Collected a portion of the Best Whatsapp Status like Cool Whatsapp Status, Love Whatsapp Status, Whatsapp Status in Hindi, Sad Whatsapp Status in Hindi, Attitude Status and Much More.

Whatsapp Status

Best Whatsapp Status

  • My Parents Are My World And I Go To World Tour Daily.
  • I Like It When People Look At My Status And Say “Impressive”.
  • I Have Not Failed. I’Ve Just Found 10,000 Ways That Won’T Work.
  • Dream As If You’Ll Live Forever..Live As If Tomorrow Is Last One.
  • The Only Difference Between A Good Day And A Bad Day Is Your Attitude.
  • I Just Saved Lot Of Money By Lic Life Insurance ……..By Not Having Any.
  • Your Status Won’T Ever Match My Status Neither In Whatsapp Nor In Reality.
  • Your Whatsapp Status Say’S Online …..If Your Online Then Why Aren’T You Texting Me.
  • Be Bold To Own Your Mistakes In Life, Accept Your Faults And Improve Your Personality.
  • Wow Now I’M A Graduate…….Now Thermometer Is Not The Only Thing That Has Degrees Without Brains.
  • You Can’T Put A Value On A Human Life, But My Wife’S Life Insurance Company Made A Pretty Fair Offer.

Love Whatsapp Status

  • Love Is An Ocean Of Emotions Entirely Surrounded By Expenses.
  • Love Can Be Hard At Times, But True Love Is Worth The Effort.
  • Every Moment I Spent With You...Is Like Beautiful Dream Come True.
  • Everyone Says U Fall In Love Only Ones, But I Fall Daily With The Same Person.
  • Just Because We’Re Not Close Anymore, That Doesn’T Mean I Don’T Care About You.
  • Being Someone'S First Love May Be Great, But To Be Their Last Is Beyond Perfect.
  • Everyone Says You Fall In Love Only Ones, But I Fall Daily With The Same Person.
  • A Man In Love Is Incomplete Until He Is Married With Her Love. Then He’S Finished.
  • Happiness Is Falling Asleep Next To You And Waking Up Thinking I’M Still In My Dreams.
  • Say It Before You Run Out Of Time. Say It Before It’S Too Late. Say What You’Re Feeling. Waiting Is A Mistake. 

Sad Whatsapp Status

  • I Don’T Care For People, Who Don’T Care For Me.
  • Sometimes It’S Better To Be Alone. Nobody Can Hurt You.
  • A Relationship Is Only Made For Two….But Some Just Forget How To Count.
  • Everybody Knows That Something’S Wrong But Nobody Knows That What’S Going On.
  • The Most Painful Goodbye’S Are Those Which Were Never Said And Never Explained.
  • I Like Food And Sleep. If I Give You My Food Or Text You All Night, You`Re Special To Me.
  • The Worst Feeling Is Pretending As If You Don’T Care At All, When In Reality That’S All You Can Think Of.
  • Hate Is Like Acid.It Damages The Vessel In Which It Is Stored And Destroys The Vessel In Which It It Is Poured.
  • Everyone Wants To Be Happy.No One Wants To Be Sad And Get Pain.But You Can’T Make A Rainbow Without A Little Rain.
  • Sometimes, It'S Not The Song That Makes You Emotional, It'S The People And Things That Come To Your Mind When You Hear It.

Selfish Quotes

  • A Man Wrapped Up In Himself Makes A Very Small Bundle.
  • Glory Built On Selfish Principles, Is Shame And Guilt.
  • One Of The Greatest Diseases Is To Be Nobody To Anybody.
  • Selfish People Are In A Way Terribly Capable Of Great Loves.
  • Selfishness, Not Love, Is The Actuating Motive Of The Gallant.
  • Hated By Many, Wanted By Plenty, Disliked By Some, Confronted By None.
  • Teamwork: I Love The Idea Of All For One? Especially If That One Is Me. 
  • Selfishness Must Always Be Forgiven You Know, Because There Is No Hope Of A Cure.  
  • Being Sorry Is The Highest Act Of Selfishness, Seeing Worth Only After Discarding It.
  • Selfishness Is That Detestable Vice Which No One Will Forgive In Others, And No One Is Without Himself.

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So, Here was the Our Collection of Whatsapp Status Quotes. In this Collection We also have included some Love Status, Sad Status, Best Status & Selfish Quotes. If You Love this Collection Please Share with Your Friends on Whatsapp or Facebook. You can also Check Out Our Collection of Happy New Year 2018.